Meet your Trainers
Demetria Graham
Training and Support Coordinator
Assigned School: Thunderbird

Phone: 623-915-8635
Brian Anderson
Technology Teacher Trainers 
Assigned schools: CTE Trainer

BS in Geology University of Arizona
25 years in Glendale Union
Subjects taught include:
  • Physics, AP Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Freshman Science
  • Introduction to Technology (IntoTech)
  • Math
  • Computer Programing
  • Computer Application
  • Computer Coordinator (Greenway)
Phone: 623-915-6284

Brian Anderson Schedule

Brett Tracy
Technology Teacher Trainer
Assigned School: Apollo and Glendale

BA Ed in Business and Technology
MA in Educational Technology.

14 Years in Glendale Union
Subjects Taught include:
  • Computer Programming
  • Cisco Networking
  • Computer Repair and Maintenance
  • Marketing
  • Computer Applications
  • Introduction to Business
  • Computer Coordinator (Moon Valley)
Phone:   623-915-8633
Jim Wright
Technology Teacher Trainer
Assigned School: Cortez, Washington

Ba Ed in English, Ma Education Technology. 
20 years  in the Glendale Union 
Subjects taught include:
  • English 3/4, 5/6
  • Drivers Education
  • Computer Coordinator (Cortez)
Phone:  623-915-8634

Technology Training

Jodie Donner
Technology Teacher Trainer
Assigned Schools: Independence, Moon Valley

BA Secondary Education: English/Communication
M.Ed. Educational Technology

15 years in Glendale Union
Subjects taught include:
  • English 5-6
  • English 7-8
  • Yearbook
  • Journalism
  • Writing for College
  • World Literature
  • Library Services
  • Media Center Director (Cortez, Independence)

Phone:  623-915-8632