Online Learning Program

GUHSD offers online learning classes suited for various types of learning situations. The links below provide GUHSD Counselors and Assistant Principals of Student Services resources for the processes related to each of the different learning environments. Students should visit Online Learning Academy for their technology and course needs.

Credit Recovery School (CRS) is for students who were not previously successful in a course and provides an opportunity to recover credit in addition to a full traditional schedule (0 or 8th) at their home school. CRS may also be used as alternative placement for transfer students.

Online Learning Academy (OLA) is a flexible learning environment for all Arizona students who prefer the online structure or who require an alternative classroom setting. OLA is the physical campus and requires students to attend 4-hour sessions daily. GUHSD students are commonly placed at OLA when they have attendance issues due to avoidance, health, anxiety or behavior. Students may opt to attend OLA if they prefer a fully online setting.

Glendale Union Online (GUO) is the at-home version of OLA. Students are required to log 30 hours per week.

Paid Online Classes are for students seeking grade improvement. Students will be concurrently enrolled under GUO.

Summer School provides documentation for summer school registration.