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Signing into GUHSD Google Drive Accounts
Teacher Directions: Document
Student Directions: Document

Collections of articles and resources about Google products. These are created with the tool Flipboard.  The collections will be constantly changing, following using Flipboard may be the best way to view the collections. If you do not want to follow with Flipboard the links to the collections are found below.

Tutorial Handbooks on how to Use Google Documents
Teacher Handbook with Pictures: Document
Teacher Handbook without Pictures: Document
Student Handbook with Pictures: Document
Student Handbook without Pictures: Document

Student Email Accounts
Students Using Their GUHSD Gmail Account: Document

Discussion Boards
Using Google Groups for Discussion Board Conversations: Document
How to Display Discussion Board Posts with Pictures: Document
How to Display Discussion Board Posts without Pictures: Document

Creating a Google Website from a Template: Document
Auto Updating Materials from a Google Folder into a Google Website: Document

Google Calendars
Using Google Calendars to Schedule and Share Events : Document

Additional Tools and Apps
Creating a Google Form to Conduct a Survey or Online Quiz: Document
Using Flubaroo to Grade Online Quizzes using Google Forms: Document
The Research Tool: Document